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Fired™ is a new 12-step self-help program that provides career coaching for average working people.
You cannot expect to build your career or initiate a magnificent career change by just magically employing some resume sample to formulate a million dollar resume, then effortlessly list that resume on such job boards as monster or career builder to quickly generate an interview with your dream company, then during that dream interview, employ only one dominant interview tip to ace your interviewer's pet interview question finally resulting in a substantial job offer. Instead, many times your resume will be used by human resources to screen you out. Furthermore, improperly answering just one interview question may poison your entire career change process.

At Fired™ we have developed a holistic, 12-step, career training method to empower you to master your entire career change process. As a result, you will effortlessly flow through all aspects of the hiring process from developing a winning resume, mastering the interview and excelling at the salary negotiation. For example, if you are changing from a travel real estate career to another career, our unique career training system will show you how to select the optimum resume sample, develop the best resume based upon that sample, highlight which trick sample interview question may sabotage your interview and link you to others in your same situation providing you the support of a virtual community of career training.


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